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The 4 Best Low-Cost And NO-Cost Marketing Plays (And How To Make Them Work EVEN Better).
The results from the Yoga surveys are in. 

One of the questions we asked is "What is your most successful form of marketing?" 

And the answers didn't surprise us too much.

What definitely didn't surprise us was that all 4 happen to be low cost or free forms of marketing. 

Now, don't take that as evidence that paid advertising doesn't work or that it's not worth it. 

It does work and it IS worth it (it just takes more skill and testing to make it work). 

It's more likely that studios owners are drowning in overhead and barely able to stay afloat as is. So spending money on marketing just seems too risky.

Food on the table is more important than another marketing gamble.

The survey results show that majority of studios spend less than $500 on marketing each month (a large number spend nothing at all).

And most studio owners are not making a personal income from their studio and those who are generally make under $50k a year.

So it's pretty much a decision of paying the rent or gambling on marketing.

We get it. We've been there.

Ironically the way out of this situation is to... spend money on marketing.

But let's put that idea to the side for now. 

Instead let's focus on these 4 best low cost and no cost marketing methods and let's make them work EVEN better.

Click the button below and register for the FREE course...
The 4 Best Low-Cost And NO-Cost Marketing Method (As Voted By 154 American Yoga Studios)

This workshop is for three types of people:

1) Yoga teachers who are not ready to start a yoga studio but still want to make a full-time income income teaching yoga.

2) Yoga teachers focusing on therapeutic yoga who want to reach and help more people.

3) Studio owners who want to add another income stream to their studio and help a segment of people who will not join regular group classes.

Marketing for 1on1 yoga is different to marketing a studio.The cost to the client is much higher and so you need to approach it from a different angle.

If you want to make a stable, full-time income with 1on1 yoga you need a plan. This free workshop will give you just that.


 Automatic Client Formula (MASTERCLASS)

ACF is our flagship program for Yoga teachers who are on a mission to spread the transformative powers of Yoga and create the lifestyle of their dreams in the process.

This is the biggest and most powerful training we’ve ever created. If you want the “magic pill” to success in your studio, this is it.

It’s for super committed teachers who want to fill their classes, dramatically improve their student retention and halve their admin work, all at the same time.

Facebook Ads For Yoga (MASTERCLASS)

A very large portion of your community doesn’t know your studio exists. 

Depending on the zoning and density of your area there are roughly 50k-200k people living or working within a 5km radius of your studio. A large portion of these people are interested in starting Yoga classes. 

So why haven’t they come to you yet? 

The answer is very simple… because they don’t know about you.

They don’t know what you do… and they haven’t been offered a good enough reason to book an appointment.

In the old days (ie, 5 years ago) you would have to put a full page ad in the paper to reach all those people. Or send out 100k flyers (with a .1% response rate) and at a huge cost. And even that wouldn’t give you a great return.

These days we can attract all those people using Facebook ads.

You can show your ads to very specific sub-segments of people within a 15 minute driving range of your studio.

For example, if you want to attract mothers aged 30 to 45 living in a 3 mile radius around your office who have an income of $75k to $100k with a child that’s still in preschool - we can do that.

And we have a proven system to get your chosen audience to book a trial upon seeing your ad. It’s all been tested and proven multiple times.

If you would like that sort of power in your marketing, this (free) short course is for you.

Yoga Marketing Strategy Session (FREE LIVE CONSULTATION)
For a limited time we’d like to offer you a FREE marketing strategy session (if you meet the criteria below)…

This marketing strategy session will take around 30 minutes. We’ll be helping you identify what you’ve already got and helping you put together a strategy to dramatically grow your studio without increasing the amount of time you spend in your business.

So who is this for? 

✓   Yoga teachers who are already in business and running classes (or have concrete plans to open a studio in the next 3-6 months)

✓  Typically they are very passionate about Yoga

✓   This is for people who know they are good at what they do and they truly believe they can help their community and make a great income doing it

✓   It’s also for people who truly value helping others and getting them results above everything else

✓   People willing to have some “skin in the game” and understand that they need to invest some money to grow their business and dramatically improve their lifestyle
Who is this not for?
Because our time is very limited (and we are donating it for free) we can only offer these free strategy sessions to certain people.   

This is not for:

✗   People who want to start or like the idea of having a Yoga studio - you must already have something going (or have concrete plans to open a studio in the next 3-6 months)

✗   People who make excuses and complain

✗   People who are stuck in “information gathering” mode and are not prepared to take action or get results

✗   Anyone not serious about filling all their classes (and opening new classes) in the next 12 months

When you click the link below you will be able to schedule a time to conduct your strategy session. 
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